What is the most important decision in your life?



Happiness is a state of mind. Have you seen a child who is depressed? Of course you haven’t.

How it is possible? Train your happiness. Yes you red it right. You can learn it and train as well as everything else in life.

I Laugh every day for 5 minutes, without any reason, repeat it for 21 days and it will become your habit.

X 5min X 21 day

II Listen or even better play the music you love.

III Think of someone you love.

IV Think of your pet if you have it, they are the source of positive energy.

V The biggest sources of positive energy are babies. Think of the baby you love. You know how kids feel when someone is positive and just wants to be with him? That’s how it feels if our soul is awakened.

VI Be thankful to the people who inspire you. In one post you will read who are those people to me, even I don’t know some of them, their word, or work, or energy came to me, to teach me, to show me, to open a new door for me, as I am doing with all my heart for you right now and I wish that there will be just one person who will read this, understand me, and be positively touch and make some changes in her/his life, changes that will bring happiness. That is the only reason I am writhing this. I wish you will be thankful to yourself because you read this, not to me, to yourself, please, because I am thankful to you for giving me your time now.


Are you ready to make the decision? Are you ready to wake up? Great! Than ACTION!  Don’t stay on decision.

Play the same video I gave you for breathing exercise in 9 Easy Steps for Happiness – Happiness Formula, but now just watch it, feel it, live it.


When you establish emotional balance you need to establish a balance between your heart and mind. What do I want? How can I achieve it? The first is an emotional job; the second is mental. And then you can use all techniques about management, problem solving, prioritization etc, that you may know.

This is why my point of view is different! All schools teach you emotional theory or mind exercises, I teach you emotional balance with formulas – first, emotional ft mental balance with formulas – second and then implement all you know when the system is healthy; otherwise it would be like you want to plant a tree in toxic ground. Even if it grows it will be sick. Do you agree with me? If you do, then it is the time to change your perspective. Find out what you feel and do whatever you have to feel good. That is the only way. When you feel good, you are the healthy ground and everything positive that you plant in your mind or your soul will grow healthy and you will be successful and satisfied and happy.

If you use all your skills and techniques to achieve the goals of others you’re just build their dream. You need to build yours! Start now!

Live your own dream!

And what is the conclusion? How can we be successful and happy at the same time? We can if we make EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL BALANCE. Now, we go back to Happiness formula. Lets find out what are those 9 steps to happiness.




4 thoughts on “What is the most important decision in your life?

  1. I started doing this and I am laughing more and more and everything seems so nicer and people around me are better to me and 😀 for 5 minutes 😀

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