I have a special gift for you!!!


You can see it better 🙂 here 

Love is pure and unconditional; it is a state of your soul-self. If expectations exist in relationships that is not Love, that is ego-self who wants to be satisfied.

If you are not happy in love, first make sure that it is really soul-self Love.

If it is soul-self Love and you are still unhappy, be sure that you are not giving it to a wrong person. If he/she does not respect you, your time, your needs or does make you feel humiliated, unloved or even depressed, those is not your uncompleted expectations. You have a right to feel respected and loved and needed.  He/she is not right for you.

And if it isn’t soul-self Love and you are still unhappy, the Universe is telling you that your purpose is to feel soul-self Love without any expectation, not ego-self love and to ask yourself what is the real reason why are you in that relationship.

That reason needs cure, it needs to be solved on some other way, so that you can be on your way to transform yourself into happy lovable person and attract the One that deserves you and that will love you just as you are.



  1. Living from your soul-self is one I strive to reach everyday. It’s important to ask ourselves these tough questions to make sure we are as happy in our relationships as we can be. If there is struggle we must face it and make adjustments to bring us back to center.

    I really like the idea of asking yourself the right questions to make sure you get to the heart of the issue. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Karl. Your kind words mean a lot to me 🙂 I am very pleased that you like my approach by which I am trying to present things easier for people and to help them reach success and satisfaction in the same time.

      I saw your blog it is wonderful as I wrote it earlier. Best regards, Catherine

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