Get payed for your online work! Do you need a US Bank Account? Order Payoneer MasterCard for Free and get $25 extra! It works everywhere!


Hi guys! I found out about Payoneer and it works everywhere! Finally! And what is the most important IF YOU SEND APPLICATION FOR US PAYMENT SERVICES and get approved, you will get US based bank account which is very difficult to obtain for non-US residents. That is very important if you get payed from USA company. The same thing exists for EU. WONDERFUL! It works! I just got first payments from Amazon. Those were trapped there for a long time, because my country is not in their payment system. Obstacle is down! 🙂

I’ve recently signed up to a Payoneer MasterCard through their refer a friend program. This works by someone signing up through our referral link and we both receive $25 when the new sign-up credits their Payoneer account with $100. So if you would like to know how to get a free Payoneer MasterCard and make use of their secure payments services keep reading…

If you need a US Bank Account – Payoneer MasterCard is wonderful and proven choice!

Payoneer Card Review

The Payoneer sign up process is easy. Anyone over the age of 18 can sign up regardless of their location in the world.

  • You complete the Payoneer registration form online.
  • You will need to provide them with an address and a Photo (front and back) of your National ID, Passport or even driving licence.
  • On some occasions you might need to provide a copy of a utility bill as proof of address.
  • Wait for your approval email.
  • On approval you will be advised of approximate delivery time of your card and you will be able to access log in into your account through the portal.
  • To be approved for the US Payment Services it is necessary to fill in a short questionnaire.
  • Once you have received your card you activate it online and are able to choose your own PIN number.

Need a US Bank Account - Payoneer Mastercard Refer a Friend for a Free $25One Payoneer alternative is PayPal but sign up to the PayPal debit card is by invitation only. Their card will only allow you access to a PayPal balance. Payoneer has a competitive edge over the PayPal card by providing you with a Payoneer bank account (US based bank account which is very difficult to obtain for non-US residents), an international prepaid MasterCard and being able to transfer money to a USA bank account or any bank account worldwide and transfer money services in the US and worldwide.

Payoneer gives you access to PayPal, Amazon, Google and Skrill payments and anyone can sign up. For a full list of where you can receive payments from check out the list of Payoneer partners as supplied on their website. Most payments from their approved partners arrive in your account within the 2 day specified time period, you can pay an extra fee if you want to receive payment within a few hours.

There is an annual Payoneer fee. Payoneer fees are similar to their competitors with a $29.95 annual fee but as you will receive $25 for free so this is essentially a $4.95 fee.

If you sign up under our affiliate link, we both receive $25 when your account reaches $100. So that could be from a transfer of funds from one of the Payoneer partners such as Amazon, Apple or PayPal to your Payoneer account or you can add your own funds to reach the $100 threshold. It is free money really! If you don’t sign up under the refer a friend scheme then you’ll miss out on the $25 sign up bonus.

Is Payoneer Safe?

Yes, Payoneer is safe, there is no Payoneer scam. They have been in business since 2005 providing a simple payment service to millions customers worldwide.  Payoneer make it possible to receive payments with their global pay card from a range of different merchants. For a list of the Payment service providers UK or in the US visit their website to see their partners list.

What is a Prepaid MasterCard?

The Payoneer card is a prepaid MasterCard. This means that you are unable to spend more than the actual balance that has been loaded on to the card which means that there will be no nasty overdrawn charges as you can’t spend more money than you have in your account.

How to Load Payoneer Card with a Balance?

It is possible to load your Payoneer card with money from your own bank account. To be eligible to load money from any bank account (Private Loading Service) you must first be receiving money from any of the Payoneer Partners registered with the USA Payment Services.

How to Use a Prepaid MasterCard?

Your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard can be used the same as any other MasterCard. You can use it when making payments online, in stores or to take money out at ATMs worldwide wherever you see the MasterCard symbol. If you want to know what the Payoneer card fees are for using your card, this information is readily available on their website. Your MasterCard prepaid online account is easy to navigate on the Payoneer website.

How to become a Payoneer Affiliate?

Payoneer Affiliate

By signing up under our Payoneer Refer a Friend affiliate link you can also become an affiliate, you will receive your own unique referral link that you can share with friends on your social media networks, via emails or blog posts and encourage them to take advantage of the free $25.

Is there Customer Support for Payoneer Users?

The Payoneer customer support team is wonderful! They are contactable via phone, email or live chat. There is an active Payoneer forum where all the users and customer support personnel are able to answer any queries you may have.

I am completely satisfied for now! Join me!


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