Hi everyone 🙂 My name is Catherine B Roy and I am author and founder of Live From Your Heart and Mind (LHM).

Live From Your Heart and Mind is a big family of people who would like to help other people to become what they dream of. Our mission is to help the most people help the most people and that is our way of sharing satisfaction and happiness and growing a family.

Smile! 😀 You are now in LHM world! Let’s make our everyday life happier and better in every moment we live. Hope you will find something interesting on my blog because this is something completely different in the filed of happiness, emotional and mental balance, love, relationships,  success , positive energy, motivation and a lot more… Welcome!

Please, feel free to comment,  share,  like,  subscribe… Share happiness, satisfaction and success! Share Love! It means a lot to all of us.



Our IQ is very important, but it is just a potential. Our EQ (Emotional intelligence) is one of the most important factors for a really successful life!!! Do you know your IQ and your EQ? Do you know how much of potential is in you? Do you know that you are strong and the most incredible, lovable creature on Earth, the one of a kind? There is no one there like you. Even twins are not completely the same. Find what your potentials are and get up, make some difference! Make this planet better place for living! Start with yourself!!!! Just make a first step!

We have to learn how to find and then how to live in balance, balance between private and professional, balance in Love, balance with family, balance between our Heart and Mind. With balance we create positive energy, with positive energy we attract positive people, situations and circumstances. And that leads us to great life!!!

Live From Your Heart and Mind is here to show you the way to reach your star! We are a family and you are welcome. We will help you to become what you would like to be, to find out your potential and all you have to do is help someone else. That is our way of sharing happiness 🙂

Live From Your Heart and Mind is a point of view, new age philosophy and a group of positive oriented people who love life and want to share good energy with the rest of the world. I would like to give you ideas about the most important fields in life, to share our LHM experience  in order to give you friendly handshake, hug and support and to show how it can be easy to live life exactly as we would like to. From large experience I have created easy, few steps formulas for Love, Happiness, Success, Relationships … that really works and are easy to remember.

 The secret is in simplicity of  “connecting your heart and mind” in the road of satisfaction and success! The power is right in front of your eyes!


You have read a lot of self-development books, but something is not working? You are not satisfied or you are not achieving what they promised you will? Or, maybe, you are new in this field? Look no more! Find out the easiest way to satisfaction and success at the same time.


With proven Live from your Heart and Mind (LHM) exercises, techniques and a lot of example, discover and accomplish the “connection between your heart and mind”, so that you will be among rare who hit the center of the target and are successful and emotionally satisfied at the same time.


As you can see, some parts of the text are illustrated for you. It is proven that human brain easily remember pictures than text. In this case it is even more powerful, because illustrations are in fact associations. Try to “read” from those pictures. Fun, ha?

So, in order to make easier for you to remember, some parts of my blog (marked as underlined text), will be illustrated. Those will be associations for you or, even better, you can make your own associations 🙂 You will have fun, you will train one of the most powerful memory technique and you will remember important parts that you will use latter in your private life, as well as in your career.

I recommend you to start reading my blog from here and text will lead you forward. 🙂

Have fun! Enjoy! Learn! Be happy! Be successful!


Love U. Catherine



15 thoughts on “About

      1. I liked most about you blog that it talks about overall well-being of a human being. I love to discuss, share and speak about health & well-being. As you must have noticed on my health webpage. I intend to post much more information about “health, wealth and happiness” which is the motto of my MLM company DXN International Ltd., Malaysia.

      2. Thank you Abid. Well-being is my goal and I would like to make just a little change in this world. To make people smile and to show them how to reach their wishes and dreams in order to be satisfied, happy and healthy. How to make a connection with themselves and to love themselves first. To show them that they are never alone. And if everyone of us do just one good thing per day, this world would be better place to live. We have the same motto Abid. I have seen your blog and I am impressed. Feel free to comment any time here and I will there. Catherine

      1. Thanks for liking my blog. Soon you will find more books and information about health. Please subscribe to it, if you haven’t so far, so that you may be notified for new posts. Thanks! Abid.

  1. Great blog, Catherine. Such information and uplifting text as this usually comes from a PhD or people much older than yourself. Truly, this is a gift that you are obviously aware of and utilizing to the fullest through beautiful prose!! YOU GO GIRL! Keep those blogs coming and we will all be reading😇😁.

    1. Thank you very much Pamela!!! 🙂 It means a lot to me!!! 🙂 I am trying to share with people things that I have acknowledged and to help them to reach their unique positive capacity 🙂 I appreciate your comment, very much and I will give the best of myself! ❤ Catherine B Roy

  2. thank you my sister Catherine for all you do isaw your web and wat you do helping people to help others is very important in life today , i would love to have partnership with your group so that imay take astep ahead , am from Africa my country is Uganda and we are not in good situation especially in my local villages , thank you and blessings in all you do

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